WooCommerce & Frontity

A proof of concept of Frontity and WooCommerce together

Summary Video

By luisherranz on Sat Feb 13 2021

This is a video overview of the proof of concept, including a review of the code of both the woocommerce package and the woocommerce theme.

A Proof of Concept of WooCommerce & Frontity

By luisherranz on Thu Dec 17 2020

This is only an experiment of a possible @frontity/woocommerce package using the WooCommerce Store API, which is not public yet. Don’t use this in production. If you want to know more about this proof of concept -or participate in the conversation- you can go to this thread in the community. GitHub repository https://github.com/frontity/woocommerce-proof-of-concept Community thread https://community.frontity.org/t/woocommerce-proof-of-concept/3596 The repository contains aContinue reading “A Proof of Concept of WooCommerce & Frontity”